Bangalore's bus service BMTC has an app that lets you track buses running in the city. App is still rusty, but big ups to India moving forward!

Engineering graduates eye ration shop job

The Aadhaar ecosystem leaks too much data. The ecosystem treats a breach as a simple accident, without regard for consequences to the victims. - Kiran Jonnalgadda

Bullet train: Blow to Make in India, Japanese companies grab all key contracts of Modi's bullet train

Some of Startup India’s poster children say they never even signed up

Final Aadhaar hearing: UID threat to Constitution, apex court told

One in every 10 bitcoin transactions in the world happens in India

Aadhaar Starving the Poor: A single identity card without which a citizen would be completely immobolised.

TN students high on mobile use, low on math; 40% can’t find Tamil Nadu on Indian map

India’s learning deficit is worsening: ASER study: In 14-18 years age group, only 43% able to do a simple division correctly, while 47% of 14-year-olds could not read a simple sentence in English, says the ASER study

Full-Fledged Chinese Military Complex In Doklam, Show Satellite Pics

Rs 10 Coin: All 14 Designs Are Legal Tender, Says Reserve Bank Of India

460 Indians deported by the U.S in 2017

Aadhaar's new Face Authentication system opens up a Pandora's box of problems

Canada PM Justin Trudeau celebrates Pongal with Tamil community

Rajdhani passengers thrash IRCTC staffer to paralysis

As part of project 5000 CCTVs were installed at 500 places in Surat used for #Aadhaar based surveillance by NEC’s face recognition tech #NeoFaceWatch while #NeoFaceReveal is used for forensic criminal investigation using recorded videos, still face images & sketches of suspects.

Cong MLA who was against illegal banners now has hoardings of himself across B’luru

Delhi man’s bank account linked to Aadhaar without his consent. ICICI Bank admits to ‘human error’ and fixes it after Congress leader takes to Twitter to vent his anger. A Thane businessman had made similar allegations against the same bank in Dec last year.

New trouble for India: China occupies North Doklam, with armoured vehicles & 7 helipads