This is how India celebrated Holi 2017

halla_photo_contests reports:
35 Amazing Photos of India's most colorful festivalWe arranged Holi 2017 special photo contest which ended on 18th March. We asked photographers to show how India celebrate this most colorful festival through their photographs and we got more than 400 colorful entries. Here are some photos of India's Holi 2017 celebration. Tell us which one you liked the most. 1. Festival of Colours Holi in Kolkata by Sayan RahaHe took this picture near burrabazar,Kolkata from the rooftop of a building. 4. Let's forget the world for a day by Kanishka PaliwalI wish like how this festival washes off the colours and stains , we wash off all the negative vibes we have. . . 6. Holi celebration becomes more fun , when you're friends are as crazy as you ! by Chirag Ameta 10. Rang barse by PrashantSamaj is siting in complex of radharani mandir at barsana. 15. Trace me in your colors, wild and beautiful, vivid and vibrant, flourishing me even in this flaccid world. . . Photo by Suyash Vij 18. Rahad Rangpanchmi (peshaveklin culture) Photo Chetan rathodमहाराष्ट्रात सर्वत्र होळीच्या दुसऱ्या दिवशी धुळवडला रंग खेळळा जातो. मात्र, नाशिकमध्ये पंचमीला रंग खेळण्याची परंपरा आहे. इतर ठिकाणांपेक्षा नाशिकला रंगपंचमी वेगळी खेळली जाते. पेशवेकालीन रहाडीत पाणी आणि रंग मिसळून जलदेवतेची पूजा केली जाते. त्यानंतर रंग खेळण्यास सुरुवात होते. सध्या शहरात शनी चौक, दिल्ली दरवाजा, तिवंधा चौक, तांबट अळी आणि मधली होळी अशा पाच रहाडी असून त्यातील शनी चौक, दिल्ली दरवाजा आणि तिवंधा या रहाडी उघडल्या जातात. 26. Water hat. . . Photo by Ankit pawar 30. Colorful Baby. . . Photo by Kailas MahantHappiness in her eyes for HoliThis photo was taken at korasan ki thakur bari while basanta utsav and I would like to say thanks to that lady. . . This image is describe Rang ( Colors ) of our life. When it comes in our life it spreads a happiness. Specially taken by High Speed Sync light setup. Picture By Dushyant Raval ( Insta @dushyantravaldz ) In the Frame Chinmay Roy ( Insta @chinmayroydz ) Assisted By Dharmesh Mistry & Harsh Mistry Location : Ahmedabad , Gujarat. 33. Look forward into the colors of life. . . Photo by Venky AllaExpress love with colour , show affection, show your love to the world.
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