A Beautiful Morning from Karnataka Diaries

For All my Indian Brothers who Can't afford A Gym.

How can this kind of encroaching of road causing traffic jams besides them be legal? (Janakpuri, New Delhi)

'I am ready to pay the price for better India', says Modi - Cartoon by @MANJULtoons

Street Art, Hyderabad. (Part of the beautification process that took place before Ivanka Trump's visit)

Rejuvenate yourself by walking on clouds - Karnataka Diaries

My projections for Gujarat: YogendraYadav, politician, psephologist and academic

Caption This

Someone recommended Colin spray for cleaning the laptops screen in a thread so i went to amazon to place an order and found this Gem

Zoke Time again


Once upon a time, it was my dream phone!

These caroonists won't stop :)

Red Fort-Delhi 1895, photographed by Lala Deen Dayal.

Sher The Tiffin.

Okay! but what does Suresh Raina has to do with it?

Excerpt on Ayodhya from the book 'In Spite of the Gods: The Rise of Modern India' by Edward Luce, FinancialTimes Columnist

1 week notice from LPG distributor to link aadhar for "uninterrupted cooking". I remember the time when aadhar was needed only to avail subsidy.

How my Mom asks me to talk to relatives

Good morning from a family WhatsApp group.