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We arranged Holi 2017 special photo contest which ended on 18th March. We asked photographers to show how India celebrate this most colorful festival through their photographs and we got more than 400 colorful entries. Here are some photos of India’s Holi 2017 celebration. Tell us which one you liked the most.

1. Festival of Colours Holi in Kolkata by Sayan Raha

He took this picture near burrabazar,Kolkata from the rooftop of a building.

2. Colour of Barsana by Mohammed Anzaar Nabi

3. Colors of Spring by Krishanu Das

The image is shot at Jorasanko Thakurbari, Kolkata

4. Let’s forget the world for a day by Kanishka Paliwal

I wish like how this festival washes off the colours and stains , we wash off all the negative vibes we have…

5. Holi picture by Lakshya Kapoor

6. Holi celebration becomes more fun , when you’re friends are as crazy as you ! by Chirag Ameta

7. Samaaj by Puneet Jain

Holi celebrations at lord Krishna birth place, nandgaon where During the celebrations at the temple courtyard, people from both the villages( nandgaon and barsana) sit across each other singing, dancing and conversing and this meet-up is termed as ‘samaaj’.

8. Rang-leela by Luzina Khan

Glimpse of Nandgao Holi celebration

9. Tricolor based Holi by Akanksha jadhav

This tricolor was not done and the photographer parag sawant realised it later while viewing the pictures..

10. Rang barse by Prashant

Samaj is siting in complex of radharani mandir at barsana.

11. HAPPY HOLI by Sarvesh Keer

12. Mohe do Rang Laal! by Satyam Roy Chowdhury

This shot was taken on the occasion of Holi in Kolkata.

13. Energy Photo by Shweta

Photo of my little one, enjoying the joy of colors and spreading positive vibes.

14. Holi hai…Photo by Angshuman Paul

Students of RBU , Calcutta, celebrate festival of colour, Holi.

15. Trace me in your colors, wild and beautiful, vivid and vibrant, flourishing me even in this flaccid world… Photo by Suyash Vij

16. Basanta utsav…Photo by Joydeep Mukherjee

This is a picture of basanta utsav (holi) at Kolkata. Here dancers are dancing with the rhythm of Rabindra sangeet also playing with colour.

17. Holigraphy ! Photo by Hrushikesh pardhi

Clicked at pune where most important content of holi is …GULAL ! Happy Holi !

18. Rahad Rangpanchmi (peshaveklin culture) Photo Chetan rathod

महाराष्ट्रात सर्वत्र होळीच्या दुसऱ्या दिवशी धुळवडला रंग खेळळा जातो. मात्र, नाशिकमध्ये पंचमीला रंग खेळण्याची परंपरा आहे. इतर ठिकाणांपेक्षा नाशिकला रंगपंचमी वेगळी खेळली जाते. पेशवेकालीन रहाडीत पाणी आणि रंग मिसळून जलदेवतेची पूजा केली जाते. त्यानंतर रंग खेळण्यास सुरुवात होते. सध्या शहरात शनी चौक, दिल्ली दरवाजा, तिवंधा चौक, तांबट अळी आणि मधली होळी अशा पाच रहाडी असून त्यातील शनी चौक, दिल्ली दरवाजा आणि तिवंधा या रहाडी उघडल्या जातात.

19. Holi Scene in goa 2017 Photo by Anchal priyadarshini

20. COLOUR OF LIFE…Photo by Dimpal Pancholi

All people in treble area for the holi festival Colorful life.

21. Lathamar Holi Photo by Rajdeep Biswas

Men from Nandgaon(UP) visit the town of Barsana(UP) every year, only to be greeted by sticks (i.e. lathis) of the women there. The ladies hurl sticks at the men, who try to shield themselves as much as they can.

22. Give Me Red…Photo by Nilanjan Pathak

Holi is celebrated all over India with fun and joy. This is man is having a gala time in Barsana, Uttar Pradesh during Holi.

23. Festival of color by Abhishek Purohit

Colors are brighter when the mind is open.people start playing with colours. the following image is taken by me at ganshyam ji temple oldest temple of Jodhpur were holi is played with flowers and Gulal.

24. Daddy’s Girl… Photo by Raja Sharma

This image shows the love and bond between the father and daughter that too while celebrating holi. They do not belong to this country but the immense joy and happiness they show proves that caste, creed, culture and religion doesn’t matter till it’s giving happiness.

25. Smiling Colors…Photo by Kartik Kumar S

Kids having a relaxing time after playing holi with their friends in streets of Bengaluru by watching through the window of autorikshaw.

26. Water hat…Photo by Ankit pawar

27. Strong Women… Photo by Akash Da Hustla

While capturing the celebrations at temple of Nandgaon I came across this amazing woman who in my view enjoyed holi to the true essence of it. She danced, splashed holi and also used her walking stick to land so soft knocks at the people gathered as a part of tradition. Later I was told by a friend that she is the most respected woman in Nandgaon holi and last year she started the Holi celebrations. She has taken Lord Krishna as her own son and dedicated her life to it. I admire the energy she showed.

28. Colors… Photo by Akshay Jain

Holi celebration.

29. Widow Celebrates Holi at Vrindavan…Photo by Subhash barolia

Hundreds of widow Play Holi at Gopinath temple, Vrindavan Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

30. Colorful Baby…Photo by Kailas Mahant

Happiness in her eyes for Holi

31. SPLASH…Photo by Arghya Bhakta

This photo was taken at korasan ki thakur bari while basanta utsav and I would like to say thanks to that lady…

32. RANG BARSE… Photo by Dushyant Raval

This image is describe Rang ( Colors ) of our life. When it comes in our life it spreads a happiness. Specially taken by High Speed Sync light setup. Picture By Dushyant Raval ( Insta @dushyantravaldz ) In the Frame Chinmay Roy ( Insta @chinmayroydz ) Assisted By Dharmesh Mistry & Harsh Mistry Location : Ahmedabad , Gujarat.

33. Look forward into the colors of life… Photo by Venky Alla

34. Rang barse Photo by Vedang P. Kandalgaonkar

35. Soul of colours… Photo by Vihang Poyarekar

Express love with colour , show affection, show your love to the world.

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