P**nhub Premium Now Free For Everyone To Encourage You To Stay Home

Buzzsumo reports:

In these difficult times, P*rnhub is making a heroic effort to get people to do their duty for humanity and stay indoors. After rolling out free P*rnhub Premium subscriptions across Italy, Spain, and France, the adult entertainment site is now making the service free worldwide. P*rnhub Premium – which allows users to unlock select content – will be freely available until April 23, offering a novel incentive to stay at home with the curtains firmly drawn.

As of March 24, P*rnhub patrons can sign up at the site’s ‘StayHome’ landing page and enjoy premium content for an entire month.

Vice President of P*rnhub Corey Price said:

With nearly one billion people in lockdown across the world because of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important that we lend a hand and provide them with an enjoyable way to pass the time.

We hope by expanding our offer of free P*rnhub Premium worldwide, people have an extra incentive to stay home and flatten the curve.

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