A man threatened gory sexual violence on a Facebook post of a girl, an online petition got him arrested by Police

Change.org reports:

Recently a man named Agniswar from Kolkata threatened a girl for rape in the goriest way possible on Facebook. A petition was started online saying "This kind of mindset not only harms the society all together, but has severe psychological effects on the victims as well. Strict action should be taken against him so that an example is set once and for all , that you cannot simply get away with such acts of atrocities towards a woman."

Now Kolkata police have confirmed his arrest and a case registered against him. His mobile has been confiscated and he has pleaded guilty. The petition update said -
"11 OCT 2017 — Kolkata police lal bazar division has Agniswar Chakraborty in custody and criminal proceedings has been initiated. He has admitted his guilt and the cyber division is currently investigating his phone. Thank you for all your support."

The petition is further demanding that the Kolkata High Court give him a harsh sentence that sets an example. So far it has raised 60,000 signatures.

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