Coronavirus: Former Goldman Sachs Chairman Gets Owned By An Indian For His 'Racist' Comments

Corporate Bytes reports:
Jim O'Neil, a British economist best known for coining BRICs, the acronym that stands for Brazil, Russia, India, and China has also served in the British Government. At one point in time, he was also named chairman of Goldman Sachs's Division of Asset Management, a newly created position in which O'Neill managed over $800 billion in assets.

In an interview given to CNBC, Jim stated, "Thank God this didn't start in somewhere like India, because there's absolutely no way that the quality of Indian governance could move to react in the way that the Chinese have done, that's the good side of the Chinese model, and I think you could probably say the same about Brazil too."

Now an Indian Twitter user, Sha cind Ananthan has posted the ultimate rebuttal to this nonsense of a claim by the British econonomist. We also think this will serve well all the foreign media publications which have nothing else to report on India than crimes, negative stories, and other nonsense.

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