Future tense! Indian techies, students in US could face tough times

The Economic Times reports:

NEW DELHI | BENGALURU: The Trump administration could make life more difficult for legal immigrants to the US who are on H-1B visas, a large chunk of which is used by the Indian information technology industry.

According to leaked drafts of four executive orders said to be under consideration by the White House, one deals with "Limiting legal immigration: Protecting American Jobs and Workers by Strengthening the Integrity of Foreign Worker Visa Programs", reported vox.com. The draft seeks "improved monitoring of foreign students" and allows for "site visits" of workplaces that employ L1 visa holders by US Department of Homeland Security officials.

It also seeks to reverse the Obama administration's decision to allow spouses of H1B Visa holders to work in that country. 90% of Indian technology workers use H1B visas.

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