More than 2 lakh crores of India's resources have been mined and exported a PIL alleges, prompting the center to step in and stop the loot

The Lede reports:

The government of India amends rules, in effect, putting an end to private companies mining beach sand minerals. Private beach sand miners can no longer mine the coasts of India, as per a Gazette notification by the Union Ministry of Mines which has just been made public. In the notification dated 20 February 2019, the Centre has amended sections and rules which earlier allowed private companies to mine rare earth minerals found in the sands of India’s coasts.

A Public Interest Litigation is currently underway in the Madras High Court. Filed originally in 2015, the court converted it into a suo motu PIL the same year. This case is nearing its close and with it, mind boggling irregularities, corruption and evidence of collusion of officials and politicians with the miners have already come to the fore. The allegation in the PIL is of a loss of Rs 2 lakh crore to the exchequer. Details now available with the Madras High Court as part of the PIL point to a figure many times more.


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