Ola Charged This Guy Rs 149 Crore On April 1. No, It Wasn't A Prank

NDTV.com reports:

Mumbai resident Sushil Narsian will not forget April 1, 2017. He booked a cab from his residence in Mulund West to Vakola Market but the driver could not locate his house via maps because his phone stopped working. So, Mr Narsian started walking towards the driver but by the time he reached the pick-up point, the driver had cancelled the ride.

When he tried booking another cab, Mr Narsian saw something that must have felt like a cruel April Fools' joke. He was unable to book a cab because he had a pending balance of Rs 1,49,10,51,648. That's over Rs 149 crore if you had trouble calculating. The cab company also deducted the 127 rupees he already had in this mobile wallet. All this for a 300-metre ride.

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