Singapore cancels citizen's passport for breaching home quarantine

CNA reports:
They say the Singapore passport is one of the world's best giving visa free entry to hundreds of countries and residence in one of the most developed countries of the World. But the responsibility that comes with it is also not to be taken lightly. Especially for a small country like Singapore with limited national resources, it can become a nightmare scenario if the Coronavirus epidemic goes out of hand. That's why they have implemented very strict rules from heavy fines to jail terms for offenders of home quarantine rules and those who escape from the hospital during coronavirus treatment.

On Sunday, a Singaporean's passport was cancelled by their Govt after he breached stay-home notice requirements. The case has also been referred to the Ministry of Health (MOH) for investigation, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said in a news release on Sunday (Mar 29). Now this Singaporean stares at a possiblity of never being able to leave his small island nation for any foreign travel!

Not only this, but previously Singapore had taken such drastic steps like jailing a person who intentionally spit, cancelling the Permanent Residency of another who had breached a stay-home notice, cancelling forever the work visas of foreigners who breached rules relating to this Coronavirus epidemic, and fining people as well as employers heavily (5-10 lakhs) for just a single instance of a small violation of rules.

Perhaps, other countries too need to follow Singapore's example in strict laws and punishment for anyone who violates Govt rules to help stop the Coronavirus epdidemic?
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