Trump is winning and this is good for India


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Younews reports:

With almost 70% of the vote count in, Trump seems to be winning. And a Trump win means China will lose, at least the next four years given what he has promised to do with the scrapping of TPP, preventing China from stealing US jobs, technology, and money by manipulating their currency.

Already the RMB is in free fall with news that Trump may win. A losing China is good for India. Not only will we get more foreign investment, but also geopolitically and strategically we gain a lot with a strong anti-China US as a partner. Not a special interests controlled USA that uses China to enrich its rich businessmen while sitting mutely as China gets away with claiming others territory, manipulating their currency, and stealing technology for free. And a China that is more worried about its tanking economy and currency will stop meddling at our borders or think twice before investing in and helping Pakistan, using them as a card against India.

Now coming to the issue of terrorism, India is the country that has suffered the most due to terrorism for the most number of years. And the terrorism in India is directly related to US foreign policies before, by aiding the Taliban against the Soviets in Afghanistan, creating Mujahideen movements with help from Pakistan and creating a destabilized Pakistan full of extremists. Even ISIS is said to have received support from the US as a proxy to overthrow the Assad regime. The American use of jihadis and terrorists in waging the proxy wars against regimes it doesn't like and cannot directly get involved is well known. Trump has promised to "get the hell out of ISIS and terrorism" and to have good relations with Russia. And if he does that then it is good for the world and India especially. Russia is not the real threat to the world, US foreign policy and the madness to maintain its hegemony at any cost (for others) around the world is. 

With the US itself stopping proxy wars against Russia and some other countries by using "moderate Islamic rebels" as they call terrorists who fight for them, it may be beginning of the end of state-sponsored terrorism as we know it. And India's fight against terrorism may get a big boost with a Trump administration.

Any cons? Sure - Indian software and services companies may longer be allowed to manipulate the US visa system and make money easily. Making US companies bring back jobs would mean less outsourcing to India. All this will affect our economy in the short term. But It may also help our companies become more innovatively competitive instead of being a source of cheap labor helping us improve our quality and standards. And not to forget, India isn't really that exposed to the US like China. We don't hold as much US debt, we don't export as much to them, we don't provide the US with as much workforce. So all the talk of Trump being bad for India economically is just hysteria. The same kind of hysteria propagated by special interests controlled media that Modi will be bad for India. 

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