Why Amazon.in customer service brings shame to Bezos. Are Indian customers worth less to Amazon?

Amazon calls itself "The World's most Customer Centric Company". And sure it is in my experience with Amazon.com. That's why probably since 2005, I have been a loyal customer with them shopping from their multiple international sites like the US, in Europe, and in Singapore as I relocated across the World.

But I realized dealing with Amazon.in was like dealing with an  altogether different company. What Amazon and its founder Bezos were able to achieve in excellent customer service with their portals in every country has been taken to the trash by their Indian customer support teams. And it is really sad.

The funny thing is, when you shop at Amazon.com and call customer support, generally it is the Indians working from India who answer your call. And they provide such excellent, thoughtful support everytime. But the same Indian teams when providing support here in India fail miserably. If Amazon.com consistently ranks in top 10 for customer service, Amazon.in's customer service should rank in the bottom 10 if evaluated the same way.

Here has been my experience with Amazon.in service:

Customer support will simply parrot information from their screen. A dumb computer can do the job better. They have no ability or intention to solve any problem for you. Not sure why Bezos employs these guys in their hundreds for no real use when am sure Amazon has better AI bots that can do the work.

When you ask the customer service to escalate because they are unable to resolve your issue, they will argue with you and deny escalation. Again the funny thing is, I could escalate my issue to Jeff Bezos' desk but can't escalate the same to a teamlead here!

Customer service agents also run away from the chat because they know you will rate them poorly if they close the chat which gives an opportunity to the customer to rate. They let the next customer service agent who gets connected take the rating. And they too won't close the chat so you can give a feedback!

Delivery partner company agents come at their will to deliver. Not at any scheduled time. They will come later than the time you get an SMS saying the package is delivered sending you into panic and reaching out to the dumb customer support team who will only add more to your frustration! 

And similarly return pick up guys will arrive at any time of the day as per their convinience and not at a scheduled time. If you ask them to come back as scheduled, they will not come and mark that customer didn't have package ready! I have also had these guys talking rudely to me and not giving me their names.

When such issues are highlighted and escalated to customer service spending a lot of our time, all we get is a canned response from customer service saying they will look into the "feedback". No complaint is noted, no action taken. And it is the same pathetic service all over again.

And most importantly what I found is after emailing Jeff Bezos desk (yes as a customer you can email him at bezos@amazon.com and they will look into your issue), the complaint was forwarded back to the Indian customer "executive" team. I found them as pathetic in resolving the issues as their end  customer support team down the line. Like there's no intention or effort to do anything to alleviate customer frustration and improve the service.

Last but not the least, after I had so many issues for a simple return pick up for a Rs. 250 item whose quality was very bad first place, they will NOT refund me the amount after they messing up the return pickup and causing me so much of frustration. I have never seen such cheapskate behavior with Amazon.com ever. Infact, there have been instances where they have refunded US $150 and said "never mind about the return"!

I really suspect that Amazon values Indian customers differently than their US customers. Even if it is the same US / International customer shopping on Amazon.in, they don't care as your entire experience is handled by a team that is trained unlike their teams handling American customers even though both may be from India, in India!

- A very frustrated long time Amazon customer.
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