A Chinese living in Australia tells why India will win if China starts a war. He makes some good points!

Imgur reports:

Recently, a guy calling himself Chinese but living in Australia and having access to Youtube posted a comment saying why India will a war with China. And while many Indians gave him likes, the Chinese commentators did not take it lightly and started berating him. Here's what he said:

I am Chinese. But I think India will win the war. There r some reasons:

1. China is a dictatorship, people has no right to vote. So Chinese soldiers don't know what r they fight for. India is a democracy country, so India soldiers r more brave, because they fighting for their own country.

2. Most of PLAs weapon r made in China. As we know, made in China is bad reputation, made in China means low quality. But Indian weapon bought from US Russia Israel France.... is more advanced than made in China.

3. China's one child policy. Every family just allow on child. So Chinese parents dote on their child, so chinese soldiers r not tough man, weaker than Indian. It's important that Chinese family doesn't want the war, they are afraid of lose their only son.

4. The altitude of tibet is too high for Chinese, most of Chinese lives in low land. If war begins, Chinese soldier can not run with gun and armor even 50m.

5. The India-China border is too far from China central. It's hard to move the supplies to front line, because all supplies are made and stored in east China. may be one week after the war begins, Chinese soldiers will lack of bullet and food.

6. If war begins, I think only paki would help China, but paki is too weak. India will get help from US, Russia Israel Japan even NATO Plz keep the border peace. If the war begins unfortunately, there would be thousands of Chinese soldiers surrender.

Plz don't t torture them, supply enough food and clothes, they are the only son for their family. Release them when the war over. Chinese parents will say thank you to India. -


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