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Every person has his own way of showing their affection for their city. Some take pictures and travel around and some create gorgeous memories by joining old and new pictures together to take you down a wonderful memory lane. And that is what photographer Raunaq Mangottil did. I am Madras shared this lovely album of pictures created by Raunaq which will not only make you nostalgic but will also remind you of how aesthetically beautiful the city is.

Raunaq Mangottil says:

“All I wanted to do was to establish how this glorious city has changed over the years, and how few things haven’t changed at all. I wanted to capture the old and the new and give you a feeling of traveling time in a single image.”

The process was not easy. The artist had to struggle with traffic, metro rail constructions around the city, heat slaps, and puzzled crowd; even the police also found their act suspicious.

“I rummaged through the Internet for old pictures of Madras, of the city’s most iconic landmarks, monuments and places. I then shot the same locations from hopefully the exact place the old picture was shot from, using a torn portion of the old picture. The result is for you to see, enjoy and share if you like it. Each picture has a story of its own, which you would fall in love with if you haven’t already.” Seyon, a group of designers assisted the artist in taking the pictures.

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