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I edited in elements from the Pirates of the Caribbean films to the Thugs of Hindostan trailer and they work (not so surprisingly) very well together

Playlist of 32 episodes of Byomkesh Bakhshi series from the 90's. Thanks DD-Archives. :)

Model from Mumbai beating up the guard wherein she accused the guard of assualt instead

Everything is Banned: An Ajnabee's Reaction to the Porn Ban

Somewhere in North India, monkey climbs up a bike, opens oil tank and "tastes" the petrol

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Sad state of India and Indian Railways.

Amritstar train tragedy: Organiser Encouraged People To Ignore Trains Passing By At Amritsar Event (caught on camera)

I modded Counter-Strike:GO to replace all gun sounds with the Thaaye Thaaye sounds of the UP Police Cop

Amritsar Joda Fatak Dhobighaat Video - Train runs through dozens of folks standing on the railway track to watch the burning effigy of Ravan

Take a glimpse of a robotic future. It will make you feel creepy.

Just an example of a newspaper in India